"Be kind and have courage." - Cinderella

Ashlee Murr

the photographer

Well, hello there,
I am your not so typical down to earth, head in the clouds sort of gal. A DIYer at heart,  pinterest baking, hair-color changing, 80’s cult classic,David Bowie loving lady. And of course I am unapologetically silly and sarcastic. Loving the mom life of binge watching Sofia the First on Disney daily with my three year old and fostering her imagination and independence. My best friend is my hubby he is completely my favorite person ever and Jesus is our rock.

During high school, I struggled with feeling good enough and was constantly filled with doubt. I didn’t feel pretty, I was desperate for the approval from others. Along the way, I began to choose to love me, and as I did I felt free for the first time. As I stepped into greater levels of freedom, my passion has been to help others around me experience it in the same way. I am passionate about inspiring beauty, and giving to the world what I needed and found.  This is the driving force and inspiration as to why I love inspiring young woman  to see their beauty for what it really is.  I can’t wait to meet you and I hope we will be besties!

Ashlee is an amazing photographer but most importantly and amazing person! She really knows how to capture who you are in her photos.She truly makes each individual shine in every photo.

Kaytlin Walton

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